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Dangers of common veterinary vaccine practices

by ROSEPOINT KENNELS on 02/17/15

For years we have advised our new clients about the dangers of  multi vaccine reactions,  puppies and dogs should only be vaccinated on full stomachs and when completely healthly and not during stressedful periods.  Vaccines should be giving seperately, with a minium of a 3 week period in between shots.  A 5 way shot is fine.  A RABIES shot should NEVER be give with any other shot or 2 months before being bred.   Just this weekend we recieve a call from one of our dog owners, thier vet gave a lymes, rabies and 7 way,  a couple weeks later the dog developed a fast growing mass the size of a orange at the injection site..  So again we caution you not to give more then one vaccine at a time.

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