The people who have educated, mentored, and guided us along the way to rasing and training the best dogs we can.
Dick Kroeger 1942-2008
Dick was the first formal dog trainer that James and I trained under together. Dick was an English Setter man. He was also known in the Orono/Long Lake, MN area as one of the finest school bus drivers! Dick was able to bring out the best in any dog, and he did so with kind and compassionate training. Dick passed away in November 2008. He, James and Cody were hunting near Windom, MN. Dick had a heart attack and died. He died in the field with his dogs around him, doing what he loved. We all should be so lucky.
Don Clapp
Don Clapp has been showing dogs and livestock for most of his life. Don has guided us on training techniques for the show ring many times. Don is 99 years old, and still handles and shows his own dogs on most occasions! We thank Don very much for the knowledge that he shares with us!