Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for such a wonderful companion and hunting buddy.  Axe has fit in with the family and grandkids wonderfully.  Our season is about over for pheasants and I just wanted to give you an idea of how well Axe has done.  I kept a record of our hunting days, it is pretty impressive, for the dogs.  Throughout the season I hunted 4 or 5 days a week, with Axe and sometimes with my brothers shorthair with us.  We killed approximately 110 pheasants, that is pretty good for our area.  However the dogs put up around 400 or so, we figured , we did not keep a good count of flushes because some times there were 5 or 10 flushes very close together and we were trying to hit some of the birds.  We only managed to hit about one quarter of what we shot.  Towards the end of the season Axe started to find down birds that had run off.  In the beginning he would not track the wounded birds.  After speaking with James about that I did a little of what James suggested and was very happy with the results.
Thanks again."
We offer full service Gun Dog Training, Obedience, and Hunt test training. Training sessions are in 30 day periods, 5 days a week.  Consider sending your dog for training during your vacation. Why just board your dog at a boring kennel when they can get an education while you're away.

Pups that come from our stock will receive a discount, as well as they already have the RosePoint Kennels Puppy Einstein program under their "collar" and excel quickly.

We also will run dogs in an AKC Hunt Test if they are with us for training, on the test weekend, and if we are running our own stock AT NO ADDTIONAL CHARGE, owner pays entry fees, but we can help register.

Unlike many kennels, we also strive to train the owners on how to handle their dogs once they get them home and in the field. Lifetime of support!

Pheasants, pigeons, call ducks and quail are used in our training program.

Generally in the first 30 day session we will cover:
basic obedience
bird into
gunfire intro
collar conditioning
whoa work
fetching a dead bird
work on steadiness on point
socialization (no one wants a dog that you have to hunt away from other dogs)
water work & force fetching may require more time, but we can be accommodate

We offer more advanced training in 30 day sessions to suit you and your dogs needs:
I.e. Senior Hunter prep,
steady to wing and shot etc.

We also offer individual sessions for dog and owner, at our home, your home, or at a game farm/park (as allowed) as well.

We offer a free 30 minute evaluation to help coordinate your dogs training program.

To enter our training program, your dog must:
Be a minimum of 5 months old
Be current on:
DHLPP shot (Distemper, hepatitis, lepto, parvo, parainfluenza)
Kennel Cough (bordetella) we recommend either be ORAL or Injectable
Lymes vaccine
FOR ATLEAST 30 DAYS before training.
A negative fecal test within 30 days of training
MUST BE currently on Frontline Plus OR Advantix (external parasite prevention)
MUST BE current on HEARTWORM prevention
We will administer parasite control (internal and external) while your dog is here if owner supplies, otherwise we can have the prescription filled and charged to owner at our trusted vet)
Have their OWN secure crate/kennel
**Females that come into season will be sent home until their cycle is compete, training will resume when she returns to us**

Training dogs reside in our home, but will need a kennel or crate from their home to reside in when not in direct training or in the exercise yard and at night.

A few examples of our training dogs........
Axe-(Granite & Ziggy pup laying down) with Sadie
at his new home in Pennsylvania .
Lima, a 12 week old daughter of Flint and Pebbles
Tucker, 1 year old son of Dakota and Lacy